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Swadeshi Communications

Swadeshi means “Made in Bangladesh” in local language and we are a teach company working in different fields of Information Technology. We are a Bangladeshi company and skilled in the full stack development of Web Applications and Apps. We have the business domain knowhow of Finance & Banking, Health, Tourism and Education. We are open to learn anything new.

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App & Application

Full Stake App and Web Application Development from UI – BI – Backend – API – Reporting

Websites and Social Media

Web Designing Development (WordPress) and Content making for Social Media

Servers and DB

Application and DB Server Deployment with related Configuration in the Cloud

Data Extraction

Processing Selenium(Python)

Featured Work

App & Application autistic child

Bolte Chai

Bolte Chai, developed for special child and the content and functionality are maintained from the backend.
Web: Laravel (PHP), HTML, CSS, JavaScript
App: Flutter, Dart

App and Portal


This project is to ensure nutration demand of extreamly poor people in the remote country side of Bangladesh.

Web: Laravel (PHP), HTML, CSS, JavaScript
App: Java, Kotlin

Educational App & Portal

Super30 Bangladesh

– Learning management system
– Web and Android Application
– WordPress, WebRTC, Laravel
– Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript
– Flutter, MySQL, FIREBASE

We are managing all the contents for YT and Social Media

Self Assesment

Hello! We’re Been Working in IT from 15 Years…

though we as a company we have around 5 years of experience, our team is work for 15+ years and have versatile working experience and domain knowledge. Our self assesment is:

  • Business Domain & Full Stack
  • Design Skill
  • Infrastructure Resource



  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Sublime Text
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PHP Storm
  • PyCharm
  • Atom


  • Jet Brain products
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Atom
  • HeidiSQL
  • AWS
  • GCP

Project Management

  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Meet
  • Zoom
  • GitHub
  • Bit bucket


  • Photoshop
  • Figma

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